joliette stories : sonora state

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it’s dec 24, 2017. my trip within mexico city is close to be over. i have few hours to go until my plane takes off. joliette family has made this trip unforgettable. discovered new places, friends, venues, diy, shows, nature, dryness, parties, bbq, hotels, elevator music, mr.toad, different time feeling, local security guys ripping of the bands by them selling tickets and keeping the money, warm and cold within 24h.

joliette and i have became friends, with vision to not stop doing what are you loving. inspiration and recovery by holding each other on tour life and life as a band. that is what  a lot of bands have to remember, learn and understand. touring is fun and touring is a challenge, having no constant bed, place to rest, besides some sleep, squeezed places to sit and lines in showers for more than week. there are more tour details, but you know that only when touring.

joliette is one of the rare bands that actually takes the challenge and live on the road most of their time per year. they risk a lot and do not give up. i am glad to announce that new EP has already songs and the split release with Frameworks(deathwish inc) is out on febr 2.  three tours in 2018.  mmm workin, workin.

soooo, we type soon again, right?


joliette : festival de rock sinaloa 2017 weekend

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and another week with joliette. pretty places, pretty people, karaoke,pizza and beer, sick stomach, mushrooms, music, art.

joliette stories : weekender w/cathleen

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on this weekender pictures told more than words for me. we managed to visit leon, puebla and back in mexico city. every tour life involves lot of challenges, van drives, new people, lot of noise, not enough water and sleep, music plays and fun.

joliette stories : practice times

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everything takes practice and time. a new album or a new project. anything that has to come out with performance and probably not only. practice times within a band is some friendship gathering too. usually band members are close friends to each other. you have to make sure you feel good and comfortable around the group of people you are sharing the time with. also you have the same vision in the goal. either that’s a van or a room to sleep or work and what so ever.

joliette is preparing themselves for upcoming tour in mexico. soon after that they are gathering to write the new EP that is going to come along with joliette for their next european tour. you can always find their newest updates either on instagram or their facebook.

hugs, eva

joliette stories : mexico city

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sometimes you get to see more than expected. sometimes you get to meet more friends. mexico city is a beautiful and contrasting place to be. loads of culture, loads of people and traffic. laid back movement. music lovers, players and givers. while going thru streets i can see local artists. handmade touches for their goods. good families. fast temperature changes and loads of food.

few words that has been around me the past couple days of my travel in mexico city. the diy underground music has brought me to this friendly part of the world. to a band called joliette that is post todo hardcore musicians and have been around since 2011.

joliette came in my life as one of the bands i booked in europe. it has moved to being a family thing. i am glad to be a part of it. getting along and out with music passionated people that are ready to face the world in word of music. it has been a challenging life for joliette as a band in the last years.  loads of touring. sometimes like 4 months straight. being away from their homes in europe, north and latin america so far. a van break down and winter roads accident. side mirror crash in narrow italy streets. personal life changes and many more to tell. and you know what is the best? they are not ready to stop. the upcoming 2018 is gonna bring us to the uk land, europe and asia as well. to spread around the latin american tunes.

more to come. more to announce. more to do. more to play. will keep you in the loop.

sinceramente, eva

photos by eva bo


some of the losing end tour’17

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nekad at laba daba’17

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