How often do you meet friends? and which are your friends? I ` know mine. so there`s small opinion about it.

sometimes I`m really deep in this word “friends”. Then I figured out what does it mean for me.some say that there`s no friends at all. you can`t trust anyone. true. yes and? 

if you don`t trust and care about someone do you feel more happy? comfortable? don`t you like to share some moments of your life with a friend/friends? like you had a hard workind day or big project at school/job, after this you wanna hang out and relax. it doesn`t mean only drinking, it could be dancing, playing video games, watching movies, walking, swimming etc. you need someone, right?

friends are changing as you are. think about yourself too, how do you behave with them. no one can be perfect. then is next question with who i can hang out? who is my friend? for me it`s person who respects me, make discusions about life themes, music, with who I can share music, show my photos, hear comments for it, laugh, make jokes, dance, feel safe etc. and i really feel person. i trust my inside intuition. i trust my heart i guess. and still this moment my heart belongs to the Seattle.

Of course I have friends what i just know. but meaning of this text was for finding your real friend spot. hah (:

I think everyone should try to change and research places where you feel good, safe, opened. Everyone can find it! don`t say No before you tried!


~ by eva bo on February 27, 2012.

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  1. ir labs.

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