trainspotters in EU

trip to Europe, part I.

so day started with trains and sip of wine. and then again trains..and some wine and food and then Hamburg who was smelly like pee. anyway it was interesting. then we took a fast train from Køln to Paris with a speed 318km per hour. and yeah we are in the  Paris now. really far from Ryslinge and the middle kitchen. so we had the first french beer and some potatoes. you know french guys don’t like to speak english but we got the hotel and the good atmosphere with strange stairs. we are in a room with 3 beds but Michael the Mole has a double bed it means 4 room apartment(he will have a girl there).

the first interview was with canadian girl who told about the hostel yes and it was full. we went with a cab driver to another hotel and got this room. Michael had the first interview with a taxi driver from Kongo who spoke in English bad.

we drank a french beer called 1664 and it’s rad. and we have a pink toilet paper in our room.

tomorrow we will have a beer assembly.

and here goes pictures.

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~ by eva bo on April 16, 2012.

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