trainspotters in EU

@ Paris, day 2 

today started with beer assembly. Eva was the master of the speech what is recorded in video – coming soon. this is going to be every day’s tradition from now. maybe it’s gonna be extended as well as an evening assembly before evening task(girls, boys, talks, dances etc.)

afterwards we went outside and wanted to check out the local area and accidently found the Montmartre hill and white-domed Basilica of the Sacré Cœur.

it was raining. were looking after new places and Eva’s feet were totally wet because it was summer shoes. how UN rad was that?! the best part of the rain was a cafe where we left Tyge’s contact information and school.

anyway we went back to the hotel to change  shoes and find information about next stop.

rain was still raining and we needed to get umbrellas so we got the sticky word ”douche”. french use this word a lot for rain i guess.

dropped in a metro and went to the cathedral Notre Dame. while hanging around this area found really nice fast vegeterian food place. that really fitted to Eva.

the next stop was a Galerie Lafayette that is still in searching process because the Woman changed our direction totally wrong and we needed to just go for a dinner and home. because sometimes it’s too late.

Mike the Mole was talking with a french taxi driver about living and economy in France. He told that  France has lost a lot of jobs what is removed to Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus and China. It’s hard to get work. So they must think in new ways and start to create new jobs and it’s also difficult for the young people to pay for study and living. Many of them quit their studies. There is a lot of youngsters who need a job. And happy note of a drive was driver’s small guide speech while driving.

Paris is a huuuuuge city with 7 million and 7 million around it inhabitants.

P.S. rain please go away tomorrow!

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~ by eva bo on April 17, 2012.

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