trainspotters in EU

@ Paris, day 3

Beer Assembly consisted of Michael giving a short introduction to Jim Morrison, while we shared a Kronenbourg 7,2. Our Goal today was to find Morrisons grave at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Before heading to the graveyard we moved to another hotel, mainly because the other one sucked and Simon managed to flood the bathroom completely.

We jumped on the metro and started our journey, the metro system is actually really easy to get around when you just remember to keep it cool and focus just a bit. While on the metro we started documenting the day by using the iPad as our main video device. When we jumped of the train, we went straight to the nearest liquor store – Of course we needed to bring some whiskey to Jim’s grave.

The Pere Lachaise was big as fuck! We meet all these old british ladies, who found it disturbing, that people was jumping the fence to his grave, but as Michael said; “we will do the same!” Anyway we got kinda lost, but meet a canadian guy heading for the same destination as ourselves. Together we managed to find the grave. There we meet up with a greek couple and a french business guy. We opened the whiskey and shared it with the people around – and of course with Jim Morrison himself. Even though our gang was very diverse, we felt an instant connection (and the fact that the guy in the suit played The Doors songs on his iPad made it even more awesome).

As we left the graveyard it started to rain as shit. So we hid in the nearest café and witnessed chairs flying around and car accidents  surveilled by the police.

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~ by eva bo on April 18, 2012.

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