Snap generation

at Kuln Germany

study trip – as you can read it includes word ”study”. while trip we researched youth view on life and get some international experience. here goes conclusion and view on it from me and Michael.

You may say what’s that? it’s youth in nowadays. Youth likes to have everything immidiately. If they can’t have it now just turn other direction and try to find better life in another country, city etc. so it means impatient youth. while ago people used to build their development and career step by step

why it changed? i think because of the changes of social life, especially the Internet can see lots of news, videos, comments and chatting with others all around the world. That makes more inspiration to be active and do things, but they forgot that it needs some time to step up.

of course not all are the same. But mostly every second.

and here goes summary by Michael:

One of our research interests were young people’s expectations for the future and how they saw their opportunities
We conducted several interviews and conversations.
The answers were obviously different, but there were also common.
The future was seen open and not so problematic
to have a successful career
having their own family
to be happy
the same region and country was prosper
to have good health
All traditional bourgeois values
But to achieve this should not be so much step by step, but just aclick away just like on the web.
Apparently, the web offers for material things and social mediaspeed communications has become an embossing pattern that also affects young peoples expectations and behavior.
Being online or offline, there seems less and less difference.
It is certainly interesting to see if this phenomenon is typical of the time and spreading a EUROPEAN Trend in the union.


~ by eva bo on April 26, 2012.

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