A trip

This is small story about expierience, fun, sun, trains, cities, design view, relations and just random things while a study trip.

I got a possibility to be in a study trip. and i’m really thankful for that.

this is the 4th month while i’m @ Ryslinge Hojskole in Denmark. and school has so good thing here called ”study trip”. While you’re tripping you are splitted in teams or individually. we had 3 teams- 2 were in cars, 1 in a train where i was in.

day for tripping started really great, with sun, small worry and hurry cause never expierenced this.

you can see and read first 3days in Paris in fallowing blogs:




the fourth day was quite fast. saw Paris from the top of Eiffel.

after this Michael, Simon and me needed to figure out about next day’s trip to Prague.  we met some ” locals ” who offered cigarettes, tickets even something else. they just come close to you from dofferent sides and offers something to make your attention away or really to buy a product. so be careful at the weird metro stations!

so it made us really worried and we were little bit splitted out. that’s how me and Simon have lost Michael for almost 2 h.but everything was under control and we successfully got through situation and met soon.

it made some plans changing and  I didn’t go to a local soul/funk music event. happens you know. possibly it made me a lil bit unfocused on a team but more to my feelings. just seeing things around.

next day was almost on a way.till Prague.  We went there at the evening, got in a cozy hostel and got the first dinner and good service at the downtown. architecture, night and lights took my soul. after this enjoyed and got inspired of almost each place where i went.  I would say customer service  is really in high level. and service makes you to like this place and come again. so this is great for city’s economy. clever!

All teams met in Prague. it was really nice to see other teams. some of us went out for small gathering drink (: after 5 days you start to miss other team members. they were 8 in 2 cars but we 3 in trains so it makes some missing part for me :P maybe we needed 1 more girl in a team :P

we spent 4 i would say awesome days in Prague. Liked that we were kinda changing with who to hang out and with each made pleasant feeling.

and yeah got some inspiration ideas of cafes and pubs in Prague what i’ll use in future.

unfortunately Micheal the daddy had some sickness from the hostel room’s guy in Paris. Only in 3rd day he started to charge battery more than 40%.

road back to Ryslinge was 12 h long. but quite comfortable. enjoyed this travelling way. definitely the second after a plane.


key words for:

  • Paris – beautiful,big,crazy drivers,bills on the floor, rainy,beautiful language, doesn`t like  English, best coffee latte;
  • Prague – metro, architecture, absinth, cannabis, ice cream, trams, customer service, cafes, pubs, lots of  tourists, warm.

Travelling is exploring. Everyone should try this! and that`s it folks!


~ by eva bo on May 4, 2012.

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