Envy – shot of inspiration and energy

music music mmmmuuusic is definitely part of my life.  it really heals, keeps and feels me and just some days ago while watching photos of past events saw a T-Shirt that reminded this band. Unfortunately haven`t listened them for a while. Otherwise they are back on my playlist. And just realised that it gave me an energy, inspiration to move on my projects and video/picture making. Is it my energy bomb? i guess so, at least at this moment. That`s why i am sharing this band with you.

Band Envy(experimental/post-hardcore) is formed in Tokyo in 1992. (haha i was only 2 years old then) and they are still playing on stage, sharing emotions and love to music that `s i guess is their passion.

Enjoy! if not – try to find your energy`s band!


~ by eva bo on September 28, 2012.

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