Pumpkin – carrot -potatoe experiment

today was the day that wanted to create something. and yeah i did. my eating habits are quite complicated. i need to be aware of wheat flour. it’s one of the gluten allergies thing. i’ve just turned to vegan 1,5 month ago.finally got the message from animals and millions of unhealthy stuff that we are getting through goods around us.

wanted to make something from almost nothing.

  • started to research my food treasures. found big pumpkin,carrots, potatoes. i always measure with my eyes not units.
  • cleared them and grated
  • put everything on a pan and added olive oil
  • added spices – some carry,nutmeg powder, salt, spices for rice that includes chili and cinamon, vegetable spices –  while cooking
  • cooked till all substance was equally made. around 15 – 20 min

and here you go! it tastes so yummy! for me at least!


~ by eva bo on January 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Pumpkin – carrot -potatoe experiment”

  1. Nice pictures. It looks yummy! ;O)

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